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Terry B. from NEW YORK wrote on 6 June 2019
Wonderful design and quality - as always.
01926 Katla - Colour: 30500 red leather
Susie Y. from BECCLES wrote on 2 June 2019
I have several pairs of the same shoe. It helps to know your size. I have a wide foot and it is often difficult to tell which styles will fit my foot size and shape.
05804 e-Walk - Colour: 49200 grey stretch suede
Miriam H. from MACCLESFIELD wrote on 2 June 2019
walking about in daily life-not specifically for any kind of sport or exercise
02050 Nano - Colour: 20000 black leather
Amanda G. from MATLOCK wrote on 19 May 2019
They are shoes, I will walk in them, I will recommend to friends who want comfy stylish shoes. The quality is excellent.
01926 Katla - Colour: 30120 offwhite leather
Gill W. from BUNGAY wrote on 11 May 2019
Excellent quality
05802 e-Boot - Colour: 11800 blue stretch nubuck
Denise F. from BELPER wrote on 10 May 2019
A casual shoe. I would recommend for anyone whose priority is comfort but also wanting something stylish and up to date.
01230 Linda - Colour: 96830 navyblue canvas
Marilyn V. from ALDERSHOT wrote on 24 April 2019
Excellent comfortable shoes, recommend
05804 e-Walk - Colour: 84870 blue-summer
Susan G. from WADEBRIDGE wrote on 11 April 2019
My red canvas shoes are for casual use - I haven't worn them yet as the weather hasn't really been suitable. The fit is true to size so order your usual shoe size. They are comfortable and light, and in this regard I can recommend. I have six other pairs of Wolkey's and can honestly say they are the most comfortable shoe. Would recommend every time. Thank you.
01230 Linda - Colour: 96500 red canvas
Iwona K. from ISLE OF MAN wrote on 4 April 2019
I was looking for shoes where I could use the custom made, full length insoles. Most of the orthopaedic shoes didn't have enough room for a comfortable movement of feet. There shoes are comfy and provide enough space for my insoles, although I had to try half a size bigger than my usual size.
05806 e-Sneaker - Colour: 86800 blue stretch leather
Heather W. from PULBOROUGH wrote on 2 April 2019
The quality of the shoes is excellent and they have a strong firm sole unlike a lot of canvas shoes.
01230 Linda - Colour: 96830 navyblue canvas
Mary l W. from HEANOR wrote on 18 February 2019
Have had the shoes only a few days but from day 1 they were comfortable and have worn them almost every day since. Really soft leather and so supportive.
05800 e-Walk - Colour: 20809 blue stretch leather
Lesley M. from BURY ST. EDMUNDS wrote on 29 January 2019
I loved the funky design ,plus they are well made and accommodate my orthotics.
05804 e-Walk - Colour: 90000 leopardprint leather Limited Edition
Joanne D. from CLINTON wrote on 21 November 2018
The perfect walking shoe.
05800 e-Walk - Colour: 20009 black stretch leather
Heather W. from PULBOROUGH wrote on 8 November 2018
Great quality, suitable for orthotics and very comfortable from the minute I put them on.
01227 Giro - Colour: 30200 grey leather
Tessa N. from NORWICH wrote on 23 October 2018
Excellent quality product.Fair price. Recommended for those who like comfortable,stylish,durable shoes.
02050 Nano - Colour: 70800 blue leather
Jan H. from YORK wrote on 19 October 2018
Perfect fit. Winter boots, smart yet casual too.
05802 e-Boot - Colour: 20540 winter red stretch leather
Averil N. from MIDDLESBROUGH wrote on 13 October 2018
I order Wolkyy shoes because I want good support for my feet, knees and hips. I like walking or cycling instead of driving.
05802 e-Boot - Colour: 84280 metall stretch suede
Martha R. from PEARLAND wrote on 28 September 2018
Good shoes for walking for those who have removable orthotics. They really provide good support with a stretch leather surface which conforms to my foot.
05802 e-Boot - Colour: 20809 blue stretch leather
Susan K. from ORPINGTON wrote on 27 September 2018
I bought these in the sale and even though they look good in the photos/video on the website, when I put them on the metallic leather and styling combined to make them look stunning. They certainly liven up a casual outfit (and cheered up a 60 something lady).
01481 Elland - Colour: 10210 anthracite metallic leather
Elizabeth T. from WOODBRIDGE wrote on 5 September 2018
great with jeans
01225 Biker - Colour: 30840 jeans blue leather
Rosemary O. from BEDALE wrote on 29 August 2018
I m on my feet all day no negative issues
02052 Tera - Colour: 90000 black
Bethia S. from CARLISLE wrote on 18 July 2018
Love them! So comfortable and stylish
01225 Biker - Colour: 30200 grey leather
Linda T. from HEXHAM wrote on 11 July 2018
I use these for general use especially walking around town. I have arthritis in my ankles and find these shoes very comfortable and supportive.
02051 Mega - Colour: 30381 sand-white leather
Jessamine G. from PENZANCE wrote on 19 June 2018
Excellent service , from ordering to delivery , Will order again soon
01402 Morgan - Colour: 10200 grey nubuck
Janice B. from SCUNTHORPE wrote on 18 June 2018
Very pleased with my Katla shoes, soft leather, comfortable to wear, true to size, just perfect! Delivery information was not given until requested, but the product was worth the wait! Would recommend !
01926 Katla - Colour: 30430 cognac leather
Julia A. from WIMBORNE wrote on 18 June 2018
Shoes exactly what I was looking for. Excellent quality. Comfortable and look hardwearing.
01227 Giro - Colour: 30120 off-white leather
Sandra G. from LONDON wrote on 28 April 2018
To use instead of trainers-much smsrter Lovely quality
02050 Nano - Colour: 70800 blue leather
Lesley M. from BURY ST. EDMUNDS wrote on 8 April 2018
I am pleased with the shoes,I like Wolky products and friends admire them,
01926 Katla - Colour: 30900 yellow leather
Lynette M. from LISS wrote on 19 March 2018
I have plantar fascitis and wanted a shoe that had a removable innersole so I could put in an orthotic. They are perfect for the job but are also stylish. I love them!
01227 Giro - Colour: 30120 off-white leather
Sue G. from BIRMINGHAM wrote on 4 February 2018
Really comfortable shoes made of good quality leather. Removable insoles mean I can wear my orthotics. These shoes can be worn with jeans or dresses. I already own a pair in a different colour and a few pairs of sandals! Wolky are my go to brand of footwear - I just wish someone stocked them north of Watford Gap!!
02050 Nano - Colour: 70800 blue leather
Kathie M. from SAINT PAUL wrote on 8 January 2018
I love the quality of your footwear.
05802 e-Boot - Colour: 20540 winter red stretch leather
Rosie S. from FORRES wrote on 26 August 2017
Great quality comfortable fit and eye catching
09457 Alba - Colour: 90300 brown craquelé leather
Sue G. from BIRMINGHAM wrote on 20 August 2017
I use these shoes for work or leisure. They look good with skirts and dresses too. They're incredibly comfortable and take my orthotic insoles. My podiatrist is impressed with Wolky and now recommends the website.
02050 Nano - Colour: 90000 black mesh upper
J a D. from HENLEY-ON-THAMES wrote on 27 July 2017
The product is fantastic
01481 Elland - Colour: 10210 anthracite metallic leather
Brian e T. from NEAR LOWESTOFT wrote on 10 July 2017
Happy with Wolky shoes , because not only are they made using very supple leather, but also the inner soles can be removed to replace with other types of insole, as necessary.
02051 Mega - Colour: 30820 denim leather
Amy J. from FITCHBURG wrote on 1 May 2017
Very well made shoes!
01225 Biker - Colour: 30400 natural leather
Camilla H. from SIDMOUTH wrote on 28 February 2017
Very pleased with shoes
01225 Biker - Colour: 30840 jeans blue leather
Stephanie P. from MELTON MOWBRAY wrote on 11 February 2017
Perfect shoes for me. I wear them everywhere: shopping, travelling, hours of walking and even a wine bar and dinner at the end of the day. I get positive comments all the time and have recommended Wolkyshop shoes to my family and friends. Excellent quality, not cheap, but you get what you pay for and more. Thank you Wolkyshop, my feet love your shoes!!
02051 Mega - Colour: 70120 silver leather
Marion K. from Kilkenny wrote on 1 December 2016
very comfortable shoes
05800 e-Walk - Colour: 20510 burgundy nubuck
mrs Anna S. from LOOE wrote on 2 November 2016
comfertable and good quality
01225 Biker - Colour: 20700 light green leather
Stephanie P. from MELTON MOWBRAY wrote on 1 November 2016
I have covered miles and miles in this excellent quality comfortable shoe, which has received a lot of praise for it's good looks. It always looks good-as-new with a little inexpensive care. I wear it all day and have found it suitable for every occasion from simply walking, to travelling & wearing all day through to dining & drinks at the end of the day! Good looking and comfortable, I definitely recommend to other customers and have done so to my friends. Thank you Wolkyshop!
02050 Nano - Colour: 90200 grey mesh upper
Christopher K. from SHREWSBURY wrote on 1 October 2016
Very high quality shoes. Extremely comfortable as well as being stylish.
01225 Biker - Colour: 90140 gold metallic leather
gwyneth Gwyneth C. from Berriew wrote on 3 June 2016
Shoes arrived promptly. Great colour and butter soft leather make them easy on the feet. So comfortable and stylish. Great for days out shopping or a walk in the country. Very versatile. Would love a few more pairs in different colours.
01225 Biker - Colour: 20530 coral red leather
Eugenie P. from Belmont. MA wrote on 1 June 2016
Great shoes for casual walking. Great styling.
01225 Biker - Colour: 20550 orange leather
Deborah R. from WOODBRIDGE wrote on 1 May 2016
I find the Wolky brand of shoes to be comfy,long lasting, well made and unique and I have been wearing this brand for the last fifteen years or so. They are my go to brand for summer sandals which I can wear all day long for walking around shops, tourist sites etc.
01225 Biker - Colour: 20760 turquoise leather
Ruth S. from CAMBRIDGE wrote on 10 April 2016
The snake skin finish wasn't right for me but I have these Biker shoes navy leather and they are really comfortable and excellent quality. They look fabulous with jeans and leggings and receive many compliments.
01225 Biker - Colour: 60150 taupe snake print leather
Agnes S. from TROON wrote on 8 March 2016
Great quality, most comfortable, would definately recommend.
01481 Elland - Colour: 40620 gold metallic leather
mrs Anne D. from Bristol wrote on 10 February 2016
The quality is good. They were not Silver enough for me. They were too large and I returned them
02025 Calama - Colour: 30130 silver leather
Mirjam S. from NORWICH wrote on 5 January 2016
Quality of product is excellent, my daughter wants a pair and I would like a pair in every colour!
01225 Biker - Colour: 20430 cognac leather
mrs Paula E. from HEREFORD wrote on 14 August 2015
Great styling for all ages, lovely leather, truly comfortable.
01225 Biker - Colour: 20430 cognac leather