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Elizabeth W. from MORETON-IN-MARSH wrote on 9 September 2020
Great quality and comfort. I now have 3 pairs (so far) in great colours
05804 e-Walk - Colour: 91102 snakeprint stretch suede leather
Kimberly C. from TAMPA wrote on 29 July 2020
I'm really enjoying my first pair of Wolkys. I would love to order more pairs in more colors, but they are out of stock in all the color options I would like. Also, I would love to see pink options in the e-walk.
05804 e-Walk - Colour: 14870 blue-summer metallic camouflage stretch nubuck
Charlotte S. from SACKVILLE wrote on 24 July 2020
Doesn't work for me. I have high arch and the sole curve hurts my foot...at first I thought it must have been a size problem, but to my wallet's chagrin, i discovered otherwise and have to pay return shipping twice. This gets expensive. Why 'stretch' leather? Leather stretches anyway! Excellent grip on the sole, though!
05806 e-Sneaker - Colour: 70800 blue stretch leather
Miriam H. from MACCLESFIELD wrote on 12 July 2020
This style is not as comfortable as the other Wolky shoe I own.
00110 Tampa - Colour: 20150 taupe leather
Linda S. from LONDON wrote on 19 June 2020
Lovely pair of shoes bought on a special offer. I have difficult feet and Wolkyshoes are just about the only shoes I can wear that are comfortable.
05804 e-Walk - Colour: 84800 blue combi metallic stretch leather
Carolyn N. from WHITE BEAR LAKE wrote on 7 November 2019
Nice fit with the shoes and they are very comfortable.
05804 e-Walk - Colour: 11800 blue stretch nubuck
Linda K. from PETERBOROUGH wrote on 27 October 2019
The quality of the product was excellent , really soft leather. They would be suitable for any age and for any activity as they are supportive and look really good.
05808 e-Funk - Colour: 46280 metal stretchleather
B S. from MANCHESTER wrote on 6 October 2019
EXCELLENT QUALITY I wear authotics and they fit in the she well
05804 e-Walk - Colour: 49200 silvergrey metallic combi suede stretch leather
Mavis F. from BELFAST wrote on 12 September 2019
Excellent quality
05804 e-Walk - Colour: 84870 blue-summer stretch leather
Susie Y. from BECCLES wrote on 2 June 2019
I have several pairs of the same shoe. It helps to know your size. I have a wide foot and it is often difficult to tell which styles will fit my foot size and shape.
05804 e-Walk - Colour: 49200 silvergrey metallic combi suede stretch leather
Gill W. from BUNGAY wrote on 11 May 2019
Excellent quality
05802 e-Boot - Colour: 11800 blue stretch nubuck
Marilyn V. from ALDERSHOT wrote on 24 April 2019
Excellent comfortable shoes, recommend
05804 e-Walk - Colour: 84870 blue-summer stretch leather
Iwona K. from ISLE OF MAN wrote on 4 April 2019
I was looking for shoes where I could use the custom made, full length insoles. Most of the orthopaedic shoes didn't have enough room for a comfortable movement of feet. There shoes are comfy and provide enough space for my insoles, although I had to try half a size bigger than my usual size.
05806 e-Sneaker - Colour: 86800 blue stretch leather
Lesley M. from BURY ST. EDMUNDS wrote on 29 January 2019
I loved the funky design ,plus they are well made and accommodate my orthotics.
05804 e-Walk - Colour: 90000 leopardprint stretch suede
Pauline V. from LONDON wrote on 15 December 2018
Lovely boots
08062 Atasu - Colour: 34000 black leather with suede
Averil N. from MIDDLESBROUGH wrote on 13 October 2018
I order Wolkyy shoes because I want good support for my feet, knees and hips. I like walking or cycling instead of driving.
05802 e-Boot - Colour: 84280 metall combi metallic stretch leather
Martha R. from PEARLAND wrote on 28 September 2018
Good shoes for walking for those who have removable orthotics. They really provide good support with a stretch leather surface which conforms to my foot.
05802 e-Boot - Colour: 20809 blue stretch nubuck
Susan C. from PLYMOUTH wrote on 7 September 2018
Assistance good. I wear ballet flats with everything Great comfort shoe and is good because it can be dressy or casual. Quality is excellent
00110 Tampa - Colour: 20800 blue leather
Elizabeth T. from WOODBRIDGE wrote on 5 September 2018
use them for work and very comfy all day
00110 Tampa - Colour: 20150 taupe leather
from wrote on 5 September 2018
use them for work and very comfy all day
00110 Tampa - Colour: 20150 taupe leather