Cold Winter Inlays


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product description

These are inlays with a special synthetic warm upper layer and comfortable footbed. 

  • Extremely, usefull for people with cold feet.
  • You can put these inlays in all of our wolky shoes with a roll inlay.
  • You remove the roll insole and put in the Cold Winter inlay.
  • Available sizes 36 - 43

Winter Inlays - CW
Anonymous wrote on 5 April 2019

Very good for keeping feet warm, perfect positioning, degree of firmness, and height of arch support (as per standard inlays) and equally beneficial for avoiding feet slipping around in shoe as can sometimes occur due to sock material or other factors.

Winter Inlays - CW
Anonymous wrote on 5 April 2019

As well as being warm, these are particularly helpful with certain sock materials which can be slippery and cause the foot to move around - these inlays help completely counteract that problem.

Winter Inlays - CW
Anonymous wrote on 10 January 2018

they have meant that I can now wear my boots again in comfort for another year