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Hazel H. from KESWICK wrote on 20 March 2019
comfortable shoes and good service
08394 Kazan - Colour: 59003 black drops leather
Trina M. from MENTOR ON THE LAKE wrote on 16 March 2019
I love everything about my shoes; I use them for everything from day to day (they’re so stinkin cute” to traveling the world. Dependable, sturdy, comfortable.
08393 Neath - Colour: 30350 amber leather
Suzanne B. from SHEFFORD wrote on 19 February 2019
Brilliant and very comfortable and very well made.
03818 Dusky Winter - Colour: 50300 brown olied leather
Dawn B. from BOULDER wrote on 10 February 2019
love the booties, you can dress them down or wear them for dress.
08394 Kazan - Colour: 59003 black drops leather
Ilham P. from SAN DIEGO wrote on 2 February 2019
the quality is perfect and the boots are very comfortable
01732 Bryce - Colour: 50020 black-red oiled leather
Ilham P. from SAN DIEGO wrote on 14 January 2019
they are the most comfortable boots I have owned.
01732 Bryce - Colour: 50300 brown oiled leather
Linda T. from HEXHAM wrote on 12 January 2019
These shoes are very comfortable, supportive and beautifully made. The wolky service is excellent and efficient. Highly recommended.
03818 Dusky Winter - Colour: 50300 brown olied leather
Diana S. from LONDON wrote on 26 December 2018
Attractive and comfortable, but does not provide as much cushioning under the heel as I had hoped.
00480 Riva - Colour: 50300 brown oiled leather
Rachel A. from EAST SANDWICH wrote on 26 December 2018
Excellent quality and fit as expected from Wolky. Happy to find this site-way more options than in a typical US store.
01732 Bryce - Colour: 10300 mottled metallic brown leather
Mair W. from NEWTOWN wrote on 20 December 2018
These boots are very comfortable. Can wear straight away no need to break in
08126 Babylon - Colour: 90320 bronze metallic leather
Sally R. from LONDON wrote on 18 December 2018
Very comfortable shoes that be used for walking and smart enough for work
01910 Capella - Colour: 60210 anthracite patent leather
Meg M. from SWINDON wrote on 30 November 2018
It’s like getting my mojo back. For years I have suffered from fallen arches and had to take painkillers on days out. These boots are amazing and give me such good support that I have been able to ditch my insoles when I wear them. Bought a second pair and enjoying being pain-free on my walks again.
03816 Dusky Winter CW - Colour: 50300 brown oiled leather
Wendy S. from EXETER wrote on 9 November 2018
I wear this Wolky boot almost all the time as it’s absolutely great for walking and with my orthotics. Good to look at and very comfortable.
04727 Dive Winter - Colour: 20220 smog leather
Meg M. from SWINDON wrote on 8 November 2018
I discovered Wolky many years ago and have worn their Jewel sandals for years. I have just purchased these boots and find I don’t need to wear insoles for fallen arches in them because of the way Wolky shoes support your feet. No pain anymore and a bounce back in my step.
03818 Dusky Winter - Colour: 50300 brown olied leather
Margaret M. from BROXBOURNE wrote on 18 October 2018
I have already recommended Wolky. As I am big fan. The style the fit people even stop and ask. Where did you get those boots. Plus summer sandles. Good as new. From year to year. But I’m always tempted,to buy more. The colours are so vibrant. Plus love the red sturdy box.
01732 Bryce - Colour: 50800 dark blue oiled leather
Gail B. from BARTON-UPON-HUMBER wrote on 13 September 2018
Attractive, comfortable and suitable for orthotic insoles
04512 Masala - Colour: 40310 mid-brown oiled suede
miss Alison F. from LONDON wrote on 9 July 2018
I have been wearing the shoes on a daily basis since receiving them last week. They are very comfortable and probably the best shoes that I have ever bought. I will be buying more in the future.
08393 Neath - Colour: 30350 amber leather
Judith V. from KEALBA wrote on 25 June 2018
*** The heel height is perfect for me to wear and not exacerbate a longstanding back condition. ***
00527 Aras - Colour: 10150 taupe nubuck
Catherine H. from KELSO wrote on 3 March 2018
Comfortable ankle boot, that can be worn with trousers or skirt/dress. Slightly rigid at the back of the heel which can rub. Also if you have thin ankles the boot can rub over the shin bone.
08127 Pharos - Colour: 40000 black suede
Patricia H. from STOCKPORT wrote on 27 February 2018
Very pleased with these boots , in particular the quality of the leather and the lightness.they are suitable for both smart and casual wear.
01752 Galina - Colour: 30001 black leather
Cynthia W. from BROOKLYN wrote on 27 January 2018
Nice color and shoe has the wide toe box and removable footbed I was looking for. And came with two sets of laces (thick orangey-brown and thinner brown to match the shoe) -- bonus!
08384 Gallo - Colour: 50150 taupe oiled leather
Maureen L. from HEATHFIELD wrote on 5 January 2018
Well made shoes and boots for casual wear. Formal workwear designs are less good. Some sizing inconsistency means articles of the same size fit differently. I have had to return two pairs of ankle boots because the instep was far too low yet I have many pairs of Wolky shoes and boots without that problem arising.
08127 Pharos - Colour: 40501 dark red suede
Jude A. from GLOUCESTER wrote on 6 December 2017
Comfortable fit and good quality.
04511 Yunnan - Colour: 30430 cognac snake print leather
Lisa A. from TUNBRIDGE WELLS wrote on 23 November 2017
As always well made product, comfortable from the minute you put them and hard wearing as I have had Wolky products from a number of years, and they are still in good order.
04512 Masala - Colour: 40000 black oiled suede
Sue S. from WIRRAL wrote on 22 November 2017
very comfortable
00525 Gila - Colour: 30000 black polished leather
Sian L. from OSWESTRY wrote on 4 October 2017
Very comfortable True to size
08127 Pharos - Colour: 40801 blue suede
Terry B. from NEW YORK wrote on 9 September 2017
Quality of Wolky shoes, boots and sandals is fabulous. Styling great.
08126 Babylon - Colour: 50540 winter red oiled leather
Rosie S. from FORRES wrote on 26 August 2017
Great quality comfortable fit and eye catching
09457 Alba - Colour: 90300 brown craquelé leather
Efua O. from TWICKENHAM wrote on 31 July 2017
Very comfortable boots that will be great for trousers or dresses, quietly stylish, extremely well made and I just know that they'll become long time favourites
00529 Yarra - Colour: 11002 black nubuck
Lindsay H. from HYTHE wrote on 30 July 2017
Very comfortable and great quality. Would recommend to anyone
01625 Dutch - Colour: 10120 offwhite nubuck
Tammy C. from STOCKTON-ON-TEES wrote on 9 July 2017
Very high quality beautiful sandals would highly recommend
00425 Shallow - Colour: 60000 black caviar print leather
Shelagh L. from TROON wrote on 22 June 2017
Second pair I have purchased. Wear them constantly
04800 Coral - Colour: 80870 blue leather
Jennifer S. from CONSETT wrote on 1 June 2017
shoe was just a little bit narrower than another colourway I already had
08127 Pharos - Colour: 40800 blue suede
Barbara P. from SISTERS wrote on 12 April 2017
Very comfortable to walk in. Thank you for making a walking shoe that is also stylish!
03818 Dusky Winter - Colour: 50010 black oiled leather
Susan H. from WESTON-SUPER-MARE wrote on 5 March 2017
Beautifully made. Smart casual boots. So comfortable.
04512 Masala - Colour: 40820 denim blue oiled suede
Anna F. from LONDON wrote on 14 February 2017
I bought these boots last autumn and have hardly had them off my feet! They are really comfortable, good quality and look great. Like them so much that I bought another pair in a different colour!
01574 Bello - Colour: 10000 black nubuck
Anne W. from SOUTHAMPTON wrote on 7 January 2017
Ok liked the style
08127 Pharos - Colour: 40150 taupe suede
Anna F. from LONDON wrote on 1 December 2016
Lovely grey colour, so comfortable and rather unusual shape- people often comment on them!
01574 Bello - Colour: 10220 grey nubuck
Margaret G. from Lewisburg wrote on 1 November 2016
The toe box is a bit snug, but seems to be comfortable after walking a bit. I have worn these only 3=4 times as yet.
04800 Coral - Colour: 80870 blue leather
Linda V. from STROUD wrote on 1 November 2016
I didn't like these - they looked different from the picture. So returned them and chose a different colour.
01910 Capella - Colour: 90280 grey metallic leather
Catherine H. from LONDON wrote on 1 November 2016
These looked great but were too stiff and narrow for my feet. I struggled to get my orthotics in. A shame because they looked great and stylish.
05025 Daylight - Colour: 60210 anthracite patent leather
Joannee S. from LOWER HUTT wrote on 1 August 2016
Very comfortable walking shoes
08381 Roman - Colour: 10530 coral red nubuck
Wendy W. from southampton wrote on 2 April 2016
lovely shoes, comfortable fit (and for someone with small wide feet that is a real achievement)!
00932 Pistol - Colour: 30430 cognac leather
Mary T. from BROOKLINE wrote on 26 March 2016
I so wanted these to work. I wear Passion all the time b/c they cover my orthotics and are comfy. I had hope these higher heels would do the same, but unfortunately not. Comfy yes, covering the orthotics, no.
07657 Georgia - Colour: 80150 taupe leather
Sarah M. from HARPENDEN wrote on 24 March 2016
Great shoes and perfect fit!
04431 Mason - Colour: 20430 cognac leather
Jacky S. from STRANRAER wrote on 23 February 2016
These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever had, both casual styles and smarter ones. They are very well made with excellent cushioning in the soles for the casual ones.
08387 Milton - Colour: 30890 blue leather
mrs Anne D. from Bristol wrote on 10 February 2016
The quality is good. They were not Silver enough for me. They were too large and I returned them
02025 Calama - Colour: 30130 silver leather
mrs Jean C. from Cumbria wrote on 9 February 2016
Comfortable, yet stylish, I love them!
01912 Sopra - Colour: 40000 black suede
Dominique F. from SWANSEA wrote on 21 January 2016
Use them daily really comfortable.
08387 Milton - Colour: 10000 black nubuck
Jan M. from LONDON wrote on 19 January 2016
great shoes, attractive and v. comfortable.
01910 Capella - Colour: 20000 black leather
Linda V. from STROUD wrote on 3 January 2016
LOVE them!! picked the wrong size in error at first, but re read your guidance and corrected to a bigger size. They are so comfortable.
06310 Havana - Colour: 80920 ocher leather
mrs Pauline B. from Stroud wrote on 1 December 2015
Casual wear . Very comfortable.
01910 Capella - Colour: 20000 black leather
ms Margaret M. from Cupar wrote on 1 December 2015
I Already have a pair of wolky boots and I find them fashionable and very comfortable and great for walking in.
01732 Bryce - Colour: 50000 black oiled leather
Nance R. from Santa Monica wrote on 1 December 2015
Everyday boots not not as comfortable as previous pair of Erne. Very pretty style could be a bit more padded for easy walking .
03752 Mambo - Colour: 20430 cognac leather
mrs Mary M. from Edinburgh wrote on 13 November 2015
The leather was not very soft & the boots were uncomfortable around the ankles. They were very scuffed looking, but I think that this is fashionable.
07740 Shields - Colour: 80150 taupe leather
mrs Wendy F. from CAMBRIDGE wrote on 3 November 2015
I was a bit concerned about how to clean the leather but Wolky online chat was helpful and they are sending me some special cream.
07652 Indiana - Colour: 10800 mottled metallic dark blue leather
Gill S. from STREET wrote on 1 November 2015
very well made and great funky design and very comfy too Bought because i need to wear orthotics and these have removable insoles which can accommodate my problem feet a great buy for everyday
01685 Naomi - Colour: 50000 black oiled leather
Hazel D. from DOUNE wrote on 16 October 2015
Same as earlier review- great
01685 Naomi - Colour: 50510 burgundy oiled leather
Lily D. from BRISTOL wrote on 5 October 2015
Not brought into use yet. Hoping for some comfortable walking.
01910 Capella - Colour: 30000 black leather
mrs Kathryn C. from Dublin wrote on 5 October 2015
These are boots. They fit well, look great and are extremely comfortable (as are all Wolky shoes/boots).
00527 Aras - Colour: 10220 grey nubuck
Catherine M. from PEEBLES wrote on 1 October 2015
Great with skinny jeans and might even look good with a skirt but not tried yet. Due to the dark green sole almost had a green tinge to them.
08384 Gallo - Colour: 10220 grey nubuck
Ann W. from WORTHING wrote on 10 September 2015
I have fairly large feet and a high instep, but these boots fitted like a dream. Delighted with them.
08384 Gallo - Colour: 10430 cognac nubuck
mr Derek H. from ALEXANDRIA wrote on 12 August 2015
needed smaller size, beautiful shoes
07952 Monelli - Colour: 90190 pearl metallic leather
Susan S. from BETHLEHEM wrote on 16 December 2014
Great shoes, super comfy.
04727 Dive Winter - Colour: 20240 anthracite-bordeaux leather
mrs Martine C. from PERTH wrote on 3 December 2014
Excellent style & comfort
00557 Blanco - Colour: 80000 black ascot leather
Catherine H. from LONDON wrote on 3 December 2014
So comfortable I've bought a second pair - and stylish too
01732 Bryce - Colour: 50000 black oiled leather
Jane C. from LEOMINSTER wrote on 8 November 2014
Wonderful boots, comfortable from the first wear and stylish too. The adjustable leg width is great for slightly wider calves! May treat myself to another pair if a different colour.
00552 Pardo - Colour: 80430 cognac ascot leather
Kathryn C. from DORKING wrote on 7 November 2014
I have not had such a comfy pair of boots in years. I have wide feet and have recently had a bunion removed and these are perfect. I now have 2 pairs.
01732 Bryce - Colour: 50300 brown oiled leather
Janis D. from HAVERFORDWEST wrote on 27 September 2014
Excellent quality very soft leather Lovely colour too
04727 Dive Winter - Colour: 20220 smog leather