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Would you like to know more about shoes and the Wolky brand? You've come to the right place! Have a look at the online brochure, delve into an interesting article or get inspired by our lookbook. We like to keep you up to date!

Wolky's lookbook Autumn 2021

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Brochure Autumn 2021

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Wolky HTS Portland
How to style: Portland

Have you ever wondered how to style your shoes? In this video, we’ll help you a long the way by showing you How to Style Wolky’s Portland. With these boots, you can create a cool look under any outfit.

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Wolky Dr. Shoe Victoria
Dr. Shoe: Victoria

Wolky’s Victoria is a cool lace-up sneaker. The padded top feels soft and, together with the stretch leather, it increases in comfort. Dr. Shoe will tell you all about it!

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Wolky behind-the-scenes AW21
Behind the scenes AW21

In this video, you’ll see the behind-the-scenes of our autumn/winter collection and our extensive collection of autumn/winter boots and shoes.

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Wolky Dr. Shoe Lounge
Dr. Shoe: Lounge

Dr. Shoe – Wolky’s shoe expert – tells you everything you need to know about Wolky’s Lounge. These sporty lace-up boots are ideal for long walks due to the special sole… Dr. Shoe will tell you all about it!

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Wolky 1 shoe 3 looks Wheel
1 shoe, 3 looks: Wheel

These lace-up boots are made of lightly greased nubuck and have both lace and a zipper. The perfect pair of lace-up boots for those who value comfort and grip! Watch the video to get inspired!

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Wolky Senesi HTS
How to style: Senesi

In this video, we’ll show you how to style these cool mid-calf boots. Wolky’s Senesi are elegant and feminine boots that fit well on your leg!

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Wolky Dr. Shoe Banff
Dr. Shoe Banff

Dr. Shoe – Wolky’s shoe expert – will tell you everything about the Banff, Wolky’s famous e-Walk in a new guise. These trendy sneakers are made of fine materials and have a beautiful striking sole. Dr. Shoe will tell you all about it!

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Wolky Dr. Shoe PRO-Clog
Dr. Shoe: PRO-Clog

These clogs are ideal for work or in and around the house. Wolky’s PRO-Clog are multifunctional clogs. They’re extremely comfortable and they’re provided with extra technical aspects. Dr. Shoe will tell you more about the PRO-Clog.

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Wolky Zigzag How To Style
How to style: Zigzag

These tough-looking lace-up boots are perfect for the season. In this ‘How to Style’ video, we’ll show you three different outfits for you to style them with.

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Wolky Hallux Valgus feet
Hallux Valgus

Hallux Valgus, what exactly is it and how does it arise? In this blog, we’ll explain to you what it is and what you can do about it!

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Wolky Blogs clog
An ode to the clog

Clogs… at Wolky we absolutely love them. In this article we’ll give an ode to the clog. What makes this footwear so great?

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Wolky Dr. Shoe
Dr. Shoe: Jewel

Dr. Shoe – Wolky’s shoe expert – tells you all about the Jewel. One of our favourite sandals, thanks to the excellent fit and stiff sole. Want to know why they’re so comfortable to wear? Dr. Shoe will tell you all about it!

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