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Jean P. from PLYMOUTH wrote on 4 May 2019
Very good, speedy service. Will use again. Thanks
Tulip Inlays (Cork) - Colour: standard
Fiona M. from EDINBURGH wrote on 6 April 2019
Very good for keeping feet warm, perfect positioning, degree of firmness, and height of arch support (as per standard inlays) and equally beneficial for avoiding feet slipping around in shoe as can sometimes occur due to sock material or other factors.
Cold Winter Inlays - Colour: CW
Kate R. from STOCKBRIDGE wrote on 16 December 2018
Insoles were a replacement. Quality is excellent. I would recommend Wolky to everyone. My favourite shoe company.
Roll Inlays lady - Colour: standard
Pat C. from SWANSEA wrote on 19 July 2018
Excellent quality
Tulip Inlays (Cork) - Colour: standard
Brenda C. from BURY wrote on 27 March 2018
I bought my first pair of shoes about 6 years ago they are still going and since bought 3 more pairs. I make them new again by putting in new insoles. Cant go wrong expensive to buy but last and last and last. Would recommend to every-one.
Tulip Inlays (Cork) - Colour: standard
Linda G. from VENTNOR wrote on 11 January 2018
they have meant that I can now wear my boots again in comfort for another year
Cold Winter Inlays - Colour: CW
Deborah S. from SAINT PAUL wrote on 13 December 2017
I was unable to locate the roll insoles anywhere else except here on the Wolky website. They were exactly what I needed, shipped super fast.
Roll Inlays lady - Colour: standard
Caroline J. from ABERDEEN wrote on 28 July 2017
Sandals like new again at a fraction of the price of a new pair.
Tulip Inlays (Cork) - Colour: standard
Bette L. from GRAND JUNCTION wrote on 28 July 2017
I use the Tulip cork footbeds to extend the life of my shoes. Due to a handicap I usually have to replace my shoes every 6 months and have limited options in what I can wear. The Jewel style sandal is stylish and allows me to walk freely without a limp. The footbeds make the entire shoe feel new giving me the support I need. Thank you!
Tulip Inlays (Cork) - Colour: standard
Natalie S. from Tonbridge wrote on 1 May 2016
New sole inserts for my beloved Wolky shoes. Three years ans they are still good as new.
Tulip Inlays (Cork) - Colour: standard
Susan M. from HEXHAM wrote on 20 March 2016
Great insoles to replace old ones or to use on other shoes and boots.
Roll Inlays lady - Colour: standard
Rebecca K. from DISS wrote on 9 March 2016
The insoles are very good and have a high level of shock absorbing qualities. I have many Wolky shoes, and putting new insoles in gives them a new lease of life.
Roll Inlays lady - Colour: standard
Nancy M. from Denver wrote on 9 December 2015
These are the BEST insoles...not too stiff but still with nice support. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Roll Inlays lady - Colour: standard
Kate T. from TORQUAY wrote on 8 September 2015
I use the product for power walking. I highly recommend Wolky footwear for people that respect their feet. Excellent service
Tulip Inlays (Cork) - Colour: standard
Yvonne D. from Bexley wrote on 9 August 2015
From ordering to receiving my goods everything was excellent and I would most certainly use you again.
Tulip Inlays (Cork) - Colour: standard
mrs Sheila B. from WHITEHAVEN wrote on 21 July 2015
So pleased I could order replacement inserts for my wonderful Wolky sandals.Excellent product.
Roll Inlays lady - Colour: standard
Joan J. from Bradford wrote on 16 July 2015
very good product
Tulip Inlays (Cork) - Colour: standard
Rachel M. from Galston wrote on 16 July 2015
Ordered insoles for my shoes. theya rrived quickly and in good packaging
Tulip Inlays (Cork) - Colour: standard
mrs Victoria E. from FORDINGBRIDGE wrote on 28 June 2015
Inlays for existing shoes. Would recommend both shoes and customer service to all friends.
Tulip Inlays (Cork) - Colour: standard
Angela B. from PEACEHAVEN wrote on 20 June 2015
product as described, could be less expensive
Tulip Inlays (Cork) - Colour: standard
mrs Sophie D. from London wrote on 2 April 2015
Very happy
Tulip Inlays (Cork) - Colour: standard
Karen M. from GREAT NECK wrote on 17 January 2015
helpful to bring new life to a pair of shoes
Roll Inlays lady - Colour: standard
Fiona M. from EDINBURGH wrote on 28 June 2014
Very good- I wear them in my slippers/indoor shoes to provide some support.
Roll Inlays lady - Colour: standard
miss Julie S. from NEWPORT, ISLE OF WIGHT wrote on 23 August 2013
The Roll Inlays are perfect for my life style. I usually wear them with bare feet and they last approximately one year. My elderly mother who always wears tights has kept the same inlays for two years. As a largely immobile person she finds they are the only product that keeps her warm in winter and just right in the summer.
Roll Inlays lady - Colour: standard