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Recognise the shoe models and win! 

Recognise the models from our new Autumn / Winter collection from these zoomed in photos and you could win a pair for yourself!

It was not easy for some to find the right names for the models in our last competition. Photo 4 and 9 in particular proved to be particularly difficult. 

This time Dienne van Doornspeek was the lucky participant with the correct answers. 

Below you can see the correct model names.

1: 04475-Ronda  
2: 00126-Luzern
3: 01261-Edmonton
4: 05802-e-boot
5: 08062-Atasu
6: 07749-Raquel  
7: 02424-Newton  
8: 04725-Jump winter
9: 00954-Winchester

Did not win this time? Do not worry! We already have a new contest for you on our puzzle page.

1Picture 1: Ronda 2Picture 2: Luzern 3Picture 3: Edmonton
4Picture 4: e-boot 5Picture 5: Atasu 6Picture 6: Raquel
7 Picture 7: Newton 8Picture 8: Jump winter 9Picture 9: Winchester