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Winner Father's Day

Share your favourite memory of your father and be in with a chance of winning a free pair of Wolky shoes of your choice!


Like every year we received many beautiful and funny stories. It was very difficult to pick just one, but in the end we have chosen the submission we received from Nadia Lahpor-Hesse.

She wrote:

“My father is a bit crazy… Four years ago my husband and I went on holiday to Turkey with my parents. Now, my father doesn’t have (well, none of us have) a very sexy body. He has a bit of a beer belly… They did a dance at the pool every day for the children and my father decided to join in! I filmed it and it still makes me laugh… During the same holiday he propped himself up on the pool’s edge to impersonate a sea lion… I’ll never forget it! These memories keep me laughing!”