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Which model is waterproof?

The Luna, Jacky and Citytracker are waterproof.

All Wolky shoes are made of leather inside and out. Therefore, you must always protect them against the weather.

Did you know that some of our models are designed with WP?

WP stands for Waterproof; these models are completely water resistant! You will always have dry feet with WP. For all other models, we recommend spraying them regularly with an waterproofing spray. This way you can limit or delay the risk of wet feet. If you know beforehand that it will be "wet" outside, we recommend changing your choice of shoes. 

mrs. Cheryl Hadfield was one of many with the correct name of one of our waterproof models.

Cheryl Hadfield: 'Thank you so much, I am thrilled to have won. I would love the Luna WP'

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