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Uneven feet

QUESTION: ''I have a feeling that my feet are not the same size – my right foot being bigger than the left. Could this be possible? Will I be able to find shoes that fit?''
 H. Scholten, Hengelo


Yes, different sized feet is quite common so you’re not alone. In fact two thirds of people have one foot larger than the other, usually the right foot. Hereditary factors are often the cause. As a general rule buying shoes shouldn’t be an issue as the size difference between feet could be less than half a shoe size. However sometimes the size difference could be as much as 4 shoe sizes, and then yes this would cause a problem when buying shoes.


If there is a big difference in size than you would normally be forced to buy 2 pairs of shoes to accommodate the different sized feet. This is not only expensive but you end up with a collection of ‘odd’ shoes! Wolky and Wolkyshop have come up with the perfect solution and created the ‘Odd Sized Shoe Programme’, or as we would say in Dutch ‘Onparen Programma’. This will allow you to buy 1 pair of shoes but in 2 different sizes. For example the left foot a size 38 and the right a size 40. This can be done via special order request through Wolky. The delivery lead times are longer, usually around 3 weeks, and there is an additional charge for this special service of 25 euros. Shipping is free as normal. To view the range which is in the Odd Sized Shoe Programme click here.


  1. There are various initiatives which people with uneven feet are doing, e.g. those who buy 2 pairs of shoes then sell the unwanted unused shoe on-line, on selling sites such as marketplatts.nl. There are also many different types of insoles which can be used to make the smaller foot comfortable, but it is important this is done in store to get the correct advice and fitting.
  2. When the difference is more than half a size, Wolky can deliver a number of styles to accommodate the difference in foot size. Take a look at our Odd Sized Shoe Programme.