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07 February 2019

I bought a pair of the e-walks and they are quite simply the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn and that is saying something with my difficult feet. My Podiatrist was also very impressed with them. More options in the new matt leather finish please and some some more styles with the same roll feature.
Mr. Stephen, London
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07 October 2015

Thank you for such a wonderful product and superb easy to use and efficient online shopping experience! My local stockist in Edinburgh did not have my size so I ordered a pair of boots direct from yourselves, saving 20 on the price and with the added reassurance of free returns just in case! I placed my order at 18:41 on Friday and the boots had arrived by the following Wednesday at 14:52. The courier you use is excellent (dpd) and was in email contact throughout and arrived within two minutes of the allocated time slot. Fantastic boots, fantastic service, I will definitely shop with you again and tell ALL my friends about my wonderful experience. Thank you CW - Edinburgh
Mrs. CW Edinburgh
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26 July 2013

Thank you for restocking Cleopatra. Exquisitely comfortable (unlike the last replacement version) and always get an admiring comment. Rapid delivery a bonus. great service. Thanks
Mrs. Daphne Keen, London
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29 December 2012

I will always be grateful to my friend who advised me to wear your shoes. I bought my first pair in October 2012 and I have never felt so happy,confident and comfortable in a pair of shoes as yours. I have bought three pairs and in the process of buying another pair. Thank you.
Mrs. Alaereba Ikiriko, London
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15 August 2012

Thank you so much for your excellent service! My lovely Wolky sandals arrivewd very quickly in the UK! They are so comfortable & look lovely. Thank you!
Mrs. Brenda Lambert
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02 August 2012

I have seen some Harmony sandals in 313 silver leather on a friend & want some! Can you tell me if I have to buy a size smaller as I do when I buy Birkenstocks? My friend says to just buy the same size as I usually would, & not a size smaller, but I thought I should check with you.
Mrs. Brenda Lambert, Exminster, Exeter
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Comment Wolkyshop

Dear Mrs Lambert,

I would just order your size, not a size smaller! When you have more questions, you can always contact us by phone or email!

Kind regards,

De Wolky Shop

28 March 2012

I am so pleased I discovered Wolky shoes, they are wonderfully comfortable and support my feet really well. Since last year I have bought eight pairs (some in sales). They are also very trendy unlike a lot of so-called 'comfort shoes'. Look forward to my next pair!
Mrs. Linda Swann, London
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12 October 2010

Hi, My sister just bought your brazil shoes in the USA and highly recommends your shoes. Now, I would really like to buy them but I am a bit hesitant since I won't have an opportunity to try them on. Do you have a pdf picture of shoe sizes, something I can print where I can place my foot? I usually wear a size 41 in Italy, but sometimes it can vary depending on the shoe.
Mrs. Margaret Leung, Agugliano
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Comment Wolkyshop

Dear Mrs. Leung, Thank you for your message. Unfortunaly we don't have a PDF picture where you can place your foot on. The Brazil comes out normally. When you order the shoe and it doesn't fit, you can send the shoe back. When we receive the shoes, we will make a refund. Kind regards, Marjon
De Wolky Shop

24 August 2010

I love your shoes and have 3 pairs of Jewel sandals. I decided today to add the green ones, they look so funky and are so comfortable. However, I was dismayed to see you charge 12.99 for the use of a credit card! Sadly ,I have cancelled my order.
Mrs. Christine McDermott
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Comment Wolkyshop

Dear Mrs McDermontt, Thank you for your comments. It is always nice to hear that people are pleased with our shoes. I'm sorry to read that you are dismayed about the fact we charge 12.99. This fee is not for the use of your credit card. The 12.99 are shipping costs. I realise that the way that it is shown on step 3 of the checkout on our site leads you to your conclusion. When you tick the credit card of your choice and go the next page you will see on step 4 the confirmation of your order. Here you can read that the 12.99 are Shipping costs. I agree that the way we display these costs are a bit confusing. I'll see if it is possible to change this in the near future. I hope you will reconsider your decision to cancel your order, after reading our explanation. Kind regards, Annet
De Wolky Shop

05 August 2010

Hi my mom buys your shoes and is really happy with them, now a friend of mine is looking for good shoes so i reccomended yours but the only probelm is she lives in the UK! do you have any stores over here? Thanks alot,..
Mrs. Marlies Groot, Pevensey
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Comment Wolkyshop

Thank you for your comments. We are working on this and we are expected that it will be in 2011.... Untill that time we can allways ship shoes to the UK. This we are doing allready on a daily base. just let us know if we can be of any help. tom
De Wolky Shop